I’m James Lester, the founder of Warmly Pet. I hail from Douglas, Wyoming but I’m currently based in Orem, Utah with my beloved wife, and our beautiful male dog and female cat, named Rocky and Evie respectively. Rocky is a Siberian Husky Dog while Evie is a Siberian cat. Interesting, isn’t it?

My backstory with animals starts right from my childhood around the age of 6 when my parents finally decided to adopt a pet dog. I quickly got fascinated about animals to the point where I would always love to visit my uncle who was a dog owner as well as an animal farmer.

While growing up I’ve learned a lot about pets. As life may have it, I’m now a master’s degree holder in Animal Nutrition. One of my favorite animal quotes of which I strongly second says “you can’t control everything in your pet’s life but you can control what you feed him”.

The reason why I started this website was to help pet parents make informed decisions about their pet nutrition while educating them about every other aspect of their pet.

If you want to reach out to me, my email is james@warmlypet.com.