Navigating the vast landscape of pet-related websites can be overwhelming, especially when you’re seeking reliable advice for your beloved pet. That’s why at Warmly Pet, we’re committed to being your trusted ally in pet care. Our goal is to deliver accurate and helpful information, tips, and advice to ensure your pet leads a healthy, happy life. Our content covers all aspects of pet care including nutrition, behavior, training, health, and grooming.

Though dogs and cats are the primary focus due to their global popularity, we aspire to be a resource for all pet enthusiasts. Get started by exploring some of our informative content on our homepage.

Our Story

Hello and welcome to! My name is James Lester, the founder and author of Warmly Pet. Originating from Douglas, Wyoming, I now reside in Orem, Utah with my wife and our two furry companions, Rocky, a Siberian Husky, and Evie, a Siberian cat.

My affinity for animals began at the tender age of six when we adopted our first pet dog. Since then, my fascination with animals has only grown, leading me to earn a master’s degree in animal nutrition. With the belief that proper nutrition is key to a pet’s wellbeing, I created Warmly Pet to help pet owners make informed decisions about their pet’s care.

Meet Our Dedicated Team

James Lester – Founder & Pet Enthusiast

As the founder of Warmly Pet, my love for animals and background in Animal Nutrition are the driving forces behind this website. Hailing from Wyoming, I find joy in everything related to pets and their care.

Tracy Wright – Author & Practicing Veterinarian

Hi there, I’m Dr. Tracy Wright, a practicing veterinarian and a passionate pet owner. Following my graduation from the College of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences in Texas, I’ve worked in veterinary clinics for over four years, dealing with a variety of animals and health conditions.


Olivia McAllister – Author & Practicing Veterinarian

Based in Scotland, I, Dr. Olivia McAllister, work as a veterinarian at Oak Tree Vet Center. I also contribute as a freelance pet medical writer for numerous animal websites and companies.

William Egger – Author & Dog Trainer

I’m William Egger, a devoted dog lover and trainer. With a decade of experience working alongside dog trainers and taking various online courses, I’ve trained numerous dogs, including police and military service dogs.

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