Afghan Hound Dog Breed – Information & Pictures

The Afghan Hound is a stately, aristocratic and independent breed of dog with a long and storied history. Known for its majestic beauty, this loyal and affectionate breed is perfect for owners from all walks of life. Read on to find out more about the Afghan Hound’s one-of-a-kind personality and characteristics.

Afghan hound dog breed

Overview of the Afghan Hound Breed

FCI-CLASSIFICATIONLong-haired or fringed sighthounds
HEIGHT25-27 inches/63-69 centimetres at the shoulders
WEIGHT50-60 pounds/22-27 kilograms
TEMPERAMENTFriendly, stubborn
COLORSBlack, Black & Tan, Silver, Red,
Blue & Cream, Silver
Good with families and kids.
Dog friendly.
Tolerates cold and warm weather.
Low barker.
Not very easy to groom.
Doesn’t tolerate being alone well.

The Afghan Hound is an ancient and majestic breed that can trace its lineage back to the cold mountain regions of Afghanistan.

With awe-inspiring, thick and silky fur, this sighthound has a regal posture and a naturally dignified demeanor.

The Afghan Hound bond closely with their families and are generally calm indoors, but they have strong prey drives that can lead to impulsive behaviors when outdoors.

Appearance and Temperament of the Afghan Hound

The Afghan Hound is a tall, powerful breed that has a unique appearance. Its long, silky fur ranges from light golds to deep chestnuts in color and its large ears add an even more striking element to its beautiful face.

This breed is renowned for its graceful stance and slow, stately movements that showcase its intelligence and strength.

They are loyal companions but can also be independent and headstrong at times.

They are loving and devoted with their families and can form strong bonds with them, however they may appear aloof if not in the mood for affection.

Afghan hound

Popularity and Health of the Afghan Hound

While the Afghan Hound is a beautiful and noble dog, it is not particularly popular in terms of purebred dog registrations.

It is estimated that there are only about 4,000 Afghan Hounds living in the United States.

Fortunately, this dog breed does have a good track record for health, with common conditions ranging from allergies to hip and elbow dysplasia.

Care Requirements for an Afghan Hound

Afghan Hounds require a great deal of exercise and attention. They will benefit from daily walks, as well as regular play sessions.

This breed also requires a lot of grooming to keep their long flowing coats looking healthy and plush. It is essential to brush the coat of an Afghan Hound at least three to four times per week and bathe them as needed.

Additionally, it is important to trim the toes on an Afghan Hound every two weeks for hygiene, health, and comfort purposes.

Fun Facts about the Afghan Hound Dog Breed

The Afghan Hound is a very unique breed, often credited as the first of the long-haired dogs. This ancient breed can be traced back nearly 500 years and was thought to have originated in Afghanistan.

Afghan Hounds have an incredibly acute sense of smell, and are capable of tracking animals over great distances, making them excellent trackers and hunters.

They are also incredibly agile and athletic – they have been known to jump incredible heights with ease! Additionally, this dog breed is particularly loyal and protective towards their families.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is an Afghan Hound a good family dog?

While Afghan Hounds can be great family pets because of their loyal, gentle and loving nature, they are also a very independent breed that is not suitable for all households.

They require plenty of time and exercise to stay healthy, as well as a patient, consistent owner with strong leadership skills. Afghans thrive in homes where they receive proper obedience training and socialization from an early age.

What were Afghan hounds bred to do?

The Afghan hound is an ancient breed of dog that was originally bred in Afghanistan for hunting. It is an exceptionally fast and agile breed, capable of quickly chasing down and coursing game such as gazelles and wild boar. They are also known for their beautiful long coats and distinctive, regal bearing.

Do Afghan hounds bark a lot?

Afghan hounds are not known for being particularly vocal and they typically do not bark excessively. However, they may howl on occasion if they sense a sign of danger or if someone is trying to get their attention.

Are there different types of Afghan hounds?

Yes! Different types of Afghan Hounds include the Smooth Coat, Long Coat, and Curly Coat. Each type’s appearance differs based on its coat texture and length, as well as color patterns.

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