17 Dog Breeds That Like To Sleep Under The Covers

Wondering which dog breeds like to sleep under the covers? From small lap dogs to big bear-like breeds, there is a wide variety of canine companions out there that are willing to cuddle their way into your bed for a good night’s rest.

If you’re looking for a canine cuddle buddy, then one of these breeds might be a perfect fit for you. Dog breeds that naturally like to sleep (or burrow) under the covers include:

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Pug under covers

Pugs are a classic lapdog breed that likes to be close to their owners, sometimes even under the covers. They have a playful and gentle nature, and their charming personalities make them sought-after pets. Pugs love to burrow in blankets and warm places, making them the perfect breed for snuggling up with under the covers.

French Bulldogs

French bulldog under covers

French Bulldogs are the perfect mix of playful and snuggly. They have a low-maintenance personality and enjoy cuddling up close to their owners. French Bulldogs love being around people and often can be found trying to get as close as possible, even if that means burrowing under the covers at night!

Bichon Frise

Bichon Frise snuggling covers.

The Bichon Frise is a highly affectionate breed that loves to snuggle up with its people. This tiny bundle of love will usually try to find the warmest spot possible, and in winter that could mean hiding under the blankets for extra warmth. If you’re looking for a pup who will nestle in bed with you, this furry friend might be the perfect match!


chihuahua under a blanket

The Chihuahua is one of the most loyal, devoted and loving breeds you can find. This small pup prefers the companionship of its owner, often snuggling up in bed or under the covers to feel even closer. Chihuahuas like to nestle in your arms, giving them an additional sense of security and closeness.


Maltese dog

Maltese dogs are known for their toy-like appearance, long and silky coats, and friendly personalities. They enjoy being close to you and often take the initiative in curling up next to you or even under the covers. Their gentle, calm personality makes the Maltese great lapdogs that love spending time with their owner.

Other dog breeds that like to sleep under the covers include:



Miniature Schnauzers

Boston Terriers

Bedlington Terriers

Cairn Terriers


Siberian Huskies


Border Collies

Australian Shepherds

Cocker Spaniels

All of these dogs come with their own unique personalities and quirks, but they all have one thing in common; they love to snuggle up and sleep under the covers!

Keeping your sheets clean is essential if you don’t want them smelling like dogs. To ensure your sheets don’t smell like your pooch, washing your sheets on a regular basis with a mild detergent and a bit of baking soda can be very effective.

Avoid using bleach or aerosols as these harmful chemicals could irritate your pup’s skin or cause breathing issues.


Why Do Dogs Like To Burrow Under Blankets?

Have you ever wondered why your dog loves to burrow under blankets? The answer has a lot to do with instinctual behaviors, such as finding a safe den and staying warm. Discover the science behind canine burrowing behavior, plus how you can make your pup’s burrowing experience even more enjoyable!

Why Do Dogs Love Burrowing?

Dogs burrow for a variety of reasons. Instinctually, it is believed that some breeds are more likely to burrow due to their genetic history and the environment in which they were bred.

Burrowing has roots in denning behavior, meaning that dogs seek out an enclosed space as protection from predators or even just changing weather conditions. Additionally, this cozy little nook allows them to have an easier time regulating their body temperature.

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Fulfilling Their Natural Instincts

When your pup burrows under blankets, they are fulfilling a natural instinct to den and nest. Dogs are very territorial animals who enjoy having their own space that is just for them. By finding the perfect blanket-covered nook, they can take advantage of this behavior without having to create their own den.

Burrowing also aids in establishing and reinforcing the bond between you and your pet by indicating to them that you care enough about their needs that you made a safe spot just for them.

Provide Safety and Comfort

Blankets and other comfort items like pillows and stuffed animals provide a sense of security for dogs that instinctively make them want to nest. Burrowing also helps keep your pup warm, especially in colder climates or in winter when temperatures drop.

Not only does burrowing under blankets give them physical warmth, but it can also make them feel mentally comforted knowing the area around them is secure from possible intruders.

Find the Perfect Blanket for Them

Finding a blanket just for them can make burrowing even more enjoyable. Look for something soft, cozy, and washable that won’t get too hot or scratchy. It should be big enough to wrap around your pup entirely while they burrow, no matter their size, so they don’t feel encumbered by the fabric.

Avoid heavy materials like wool if you know your pup has sensitive skin, as it may irritate them.

Making Burrowing Safe & Fun

Your pup’s comfort is paramount at all times, so make sure burrowing under blankets is a safe and fun experience. Carefully tuck in the edges in order to prevent your pup from “bungee jumping” off the couch or bed.

Give them some sweet treats whenever they burrow beneath the blanket; positive reinforcement will help associate burrowing with pleasant experiences for your pup!

Are dogs OK under the covers?

It can be tempting to let your pup cuddle up with you under the covers, but is it really a good idea? Here we will break down the pros and cons of letting your pup sleep with you in bed and let you decide if allowing them under the covers is right for your home.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Letting My Dog Sleep Under the Covers?

Letting your pup sleep under the covers can be a great way to show affection and create a deeper bond with your pet. However, there are some potential downsides you should consider before letting your pup join the party.

On one hand, letting your pup stay close to you throughout the night can be incredibly comforting, but it can also lead to anxiety or poor behaviors if they’re constantly seeking attention and physical contact.

Additionally, if your pup is an excessive barker, shedder, or has health issues related to their skin or fur, letting them lay in bed with you may leave you feeling uncomfortable in the morning.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide if risking any mess or sleepless nights is worth the extra snuggles from your beloved four-legged friend!

How Can I Make Sure My Dog Is Comfortable Sleeping Under the Covers?

When it comes to making sure your pup is comfortable (and you’re comfortable as well), there are a few things you should keep in mind. Firstly, be sure to give them plenty of space and make sure an extra blanket is available for them if they need it.

Additionally, make sure their bed is kept close by so you can easily and quickly take them back to their own bed if needed.

Finally, be mindful that your pup isn’t over-stimulated or anxious when laying on the bed with you, creating a calm environment with minimal movement and noise will allow them to relax before drifting off into dreamland.

Could My Dog’s Behavior Be Adjusted by Sleeping Under the Covers?

When considering whether or not you should let your pup sleep under the covers, it’s important to understand how their behavior could be adjusted by this change.

Since dogs are pack animals, allowing them to sleep near you can provide them with feelings of security and comfort. However, if your pup is used to sleeping in their own space then allowing them to sleep close to you may also cause them some stress or anxiety.

Be sure to observe their behavior when making the transition. Additionally, being able to regulate your pup’s movements when they’re in bed with you will also come in handy for any naughty behaviors that may crop up during snuggling time.

How Can I Make Sure My Bed Is Clean After Sleeping With My Dog?

Even if your pup loves sleeping with you, maintaining a clean bed is important.

To make sure your bed stays clean and doesn’t become home to any bacteria or allergens, first create a designated area for your pet to snuggle.

Wash the blankets and sheets used for your pup on a regular basis with water that is at least 140°F (60°C).

Additionally, try investing in a vacuum designed specifically for pet hair, such as one from Dyson or Anker, to remove any excess fur that gets shed during sleep time.

Finally, sprinkle some baking soda onto couch cushions and beds before vacuuming them up to get rid of any bad odors.

Final thoughts

A lot has been covered in this article – from dog breeds that like to sleep under the covers, why dogs like to burrow under blankets, and whether it’s okay for dogs to sleep under covers.

I hope you found this guide helpful and informative.

Please leave a comment if you have any questions and/or feedback.

Thanks for reading!

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