My Dog Is More Affectionate and Cuddly When I’m On My Period

If you’re a woman, you’ve probably noticed that your dog is more affectionate and clingy when you’re on your period. But do you know why?

The reason behind this is simple. Dogs are susceptible to our body odor and can smell changes in our hormones. So, when you’re ovulating or menstruating, they become more affectionate with you. It turns out that a woman’s menstrual cycle affects her dog.

This post will discuss the science behind it and what you can do to improve your bond with your dog after your period.

Key takeaways

Dogs have an excellent sense of smell and can detect changes in human hormones, such as those during a menstrual cycle.
Increased affection from your dog during your period could be due to their ability to sense these hormonal changes.
Dogs may also pick up on subtle behavioral or emotional changes during this time, leading to increased affection as a form of comfort.
This behavior is not a cause for concern and is a testament to the strong bond and empathy dogs can share with their human companions.
If your dog’s behavior becomes overly obsessive or disruptive, you may want to consult with a veterinarian or a pet behaviorist.

Why My Dog Is More Affectionate and Cuddly When I’m On My Period?

My best buddy is more affectionate and cuddly than usual when I’m on my period. So much so that it’s weird. For a while, I just accepted it as one of the many bizarre things about periods, like cramps.

But then I wondered: Why is my dog extra cuddly when I’m on my period?

Dogs can smell when we’re going through hormonal changes, including those associated with our periods. It may trigger them to become extra affectionate and snuggly because they try to comfort us.

The Science Behind Your Dog’s Cuddles During Menstruation Cycle

Studies have shown that dogs are more affectionate and cuddly when their human companion goes through their menstrual cycle. A new survey indicates that it happens due to your menstrual cycle that impacts your scent. Researchers believe that this is because women’s scents change during their periods.

The hormones in a woman’s body that fluctuate during her period can also affect a dog’s hormone levels. They become more attractive to dogs due to the increase in estrogen and luteinizing hormones.

This hormone change may make dogs more sensitive to their human moods and emotions, leading to more cuddles and affection. So, the next time your dog jumps up on the bed to snuggle, you now know why!

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How a Woman’s Menstrual Cycle Affects Dog 

Research has shown that a woman’s menstrual cycle can affect her dog. For instance, during the pre-ovulatory phase, a woman’s estrogen levels increase, leading to behavioral changes in her, such as increased aggression and irritability. This behavior may lead to their dog being more reactive or anxious.

Additionally, a woman’s estrogen and progesterone levels fluctuate throughout her menstrual cycle, which can cause changes in her dog’s appetite, energy level, and mood.

What If Your Dog Is Too Cuddly or Clingy When You Are On Your Period

If your dog is too cuddly or clingy when you are on your period, it can signify that he is trying to comfort you. Dogs are very intuitive and sensitive to their owners’ emotions, so it might be hard for them to leave you alone if you seem upset or tired.

If your dog is getting too close for comfort, you can gently push them away or tell them to go to their bed. It’s essential to be consistent with your commands and not let them jump up on the bed or couch when you’re not feeling well; that’s a privilege they’ll have to earn once you’re feeling better.

How To Tell If Your Dog Is Being Extra Cuddly During Your Periods!

Dogs have a keen sense of smell, and they can often tell when their owner is menstruating. Some dogs will get incredibly cuddly when their owner is on their period. If your dog loves everyone, you cannot expect them to pick on menstrual signals.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when figuring out if your dog is being extra cuddly because of your period.

  • Your furry friend is constantly following you everywhere.
  • Your canine buddy is always trying to snuggle up with you.
  • Your Best buddy is grumbling more than expected.
  • Your dog is licking your face or genitals more than usual.

These behaviors are a strong indication that they react to changes in your hormone levels.

Tips For Dealing With A Dog That Is Extra Cuddly During Your Periods!

During your period, it’s not uncommon for dogs to become incredibly cuddly. While this can be sweet and comforting, it can also be overwhelming and frustrating.

Dealing with a more adorable pooch during your menses can be difficult. It is important to remember that you are still the pack leader, and you need to make sure that you are setting boundaries for your dog.

Here are a few tips for dealing with a dog that is extra cuddly during your period:

  1. Try to give your dog plenty of attention during those days. Play fetch, go for exercise and long walks or sit and cuddle.
  2. Try to give your dog plenty of exercise. A tired dog is less likely to want to cuddle all the time.
  3. Make sure that you are not letting your dog jump up on you or lick your genitalia. It can increase the risk of getting sick.
  4. Set some ground rules. Let your dog know that there are certain places they cannot reach.
  5. If your dog is getting too close, use a firm voice to tell them to back off.
  6. And lastly, be sure to stock up on doggie treats; your pup is sure to appreciate them!

Improving Your Bond With Your Dog After Your Period

Dogs are in harmony with their owners and can sense when something is wrong. They might be more affectionate and cuddly to try to comfort you. Or, they could just be feeling the change in your hormones and reacting to them.

Whatever the reason, it’s an excellent opportunity to bond with your pup and appreciate their extra cuddles! If you want to improve the bond between you and your dog after menstruating, here are some tips:

  1. Train your dog to use a crate. A crate gives dogs a place of their own to feel safe during stressful situations like being left alone or during an owner’s period. It would help if you also give your dog plenty of attention when he’s in the crate to know it’s not punishment.
  2. Keep things calm at home. Peaceful environments help dogs relax during periods because they’re not as stressed out or confused about their surroundings.
  3. Spend a lot of time with your canine buddy outside to get plenty of exercise and fresh air, which will help reduce stress levels in both of you! You might find that you can communicate better and have a stronger bond.

Final Remark on Dogs’ Affection and Cuddliness During a Women’s Period

It’s natural to feel a stronger bond with your dog during your menstrual cycle. Dogs often react to the hormonal changes in a woman’s body, and many women find that their dogs are more affectionate and cuddly when they’re on their period.

If your dog is too clingy or cuddly when you’re on your period, there are ways to improve your bond with your dog and make sure he feels comfortable.

Try taking him for more walks, playing more games together, or just spending more time snuggling.

Thanks for reading!

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