Why Is My Dog Clingy When I’m On My Period? (6 Reasons)

Dogs are creatures of habit. They like routine, and they want things to stay the same, but they are susceptible to changes in their environment, and it’s not unusual for them to react dramatically to changes in their owner’s body.

So, when you’re on your period, your dog does not necessarily understand the biological changes in your body, but they know that a change is taking place.

When dogs become clingy and needy during their owner’s period, it suggests that dogs may be able to detect certain odour or hormonal changes that occur during a woman’s menstrual cycle. These changes may cause dogs to become more attached to their owners in an attempt to provide more comfort and security.

Your furry companion might also be trying to get some care and attention from you because he loves you!

Key takeaways

Dogs have a highly developed sense of smell and may detect hormonal changes during your menstrual cycle.
Increased clinginess during your period may be due to your dog sensing these changes and reacting to them.
Dogs may also respond to subtle shifts in your behavior or mood during this time, offering comfort or seeking reassurance.
Clingy behavior, although generally harmless, can be managed with training or distraction techniques if it becomes disruptive.
If your dog’s behavior changes drastically or causes concern, it’s always a good idea to consult with a veterinarian or animal behaviorist.

Do Dogs Know When I’m On My Period?

Dog has a keen sense of smell, and they can express it when you’re on your period. It is because the hormones produced by your body during menstruation provide chemical signals, and your dog responds accordingly.

Dogs are capable of smelling a woman’s menstrual cycle, even if she is wearing protection. The scent of pheromones in the blood released from the body during menstruation can be sensed by dogs from a far distance.

These fluffy companions can sense the changes in your hormones and the body chemistry. They have many olfactory receptors in their brain as compared to humans. It makes them much better at smelling than we are!


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Why Is My Dog Clingy When I’m On My Period?

As an intuitive creature, dogs can tell when there is a change in behavior or mood or when the hormones flood the body during menstruation and may be more clingy than usual.

Here are the six reasons why your dog is clingy when you’re on your period:

  1. The scent of menstrual blood attracts the dog.
  2. The dog can smell hormonal changes in the body and might be nervous that something is wrong.
  3. Your dog knows that you are in pain and wants to comfort you (even though he can’t).
  4. If your furry fellows sense that your hormones are out of balance, they may become clingy as a way to comfort you or try to bring things back into balance for them.
  5. Dogs are susceptible to our emotions, so they try to compensate by giving extra attention to the person feeling down or upset about something.
  6. Dogs have an instinctual need to protect their pack or family members from danger, even if it’s only a perceived threat. It includes protecting them from emotional harm and physical harm (like an intruder).

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What To Do If Your Dog Is Too Clingy During Your Period

Dogs might be extremely attached to you during your period. At first, you may find this interesting but it’s usually overwhelming and frustrating if your pooch gets obsessed with your presence.

It can be difficult to deal with a little clingy fellow during your period. But remember that you are still the pack leader, and you must place certain limits on your dog’s behavior.

Try these tips if you have a pooch that becomes extra clingy during your period:

  1. During those days, try to offer your dog plenty of attention. Play fetch, go on a long walk for exercise, or sit and cuddle.
  2. Give your dog as many opportunities to exercise as possible. A fatigued dog is less likely to desire to follow you all around or force-cuddle you.
  3. Ensure that your dog does not often latch on to you or sniff your genitalia. You can always push him away or use commands like “No” to make him stop this unwelcomed behavior.
  4. Establish some guidelines. Make it clear to your dog that certain areas are off limits.If your dog gets too close, urge them to back off with a stern voice.
  5. Last but not least, make sure you have enough of dog goodies on hand; your pet will love them!
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I’m On My Period, and My Dog Won’t Leave Me Alone!

Pheromones in a menstruating woman usually provides chemical signals that your dog can pick up, consequently increasing their desire to be around you. So, if you notice your dog always follow you from the bathroom, kitchen to your bed and won’t give you a private space, it could be that they seek your comfort or just need more attention.

To help your dog understand that this is just a temporary phase, try these tips:

  1. Give your dog extra attention before and after your period starts and stops. It will help him realize that this is just another ordinary day for you.
  2. Take your canine buddy for long walks or give him other forms of physical activity every day during your period. Exercise helps relieve stress in both people and dogs, so it can make his clinginess less intense if it’s part of a routine he’s used to having with you each month.
  3. If possible, take an active role in helping with household chores so that he doesn’t feel abandoned while you’re busy doing other things — but don’t push too hard if your canine buddy is feeling tired or nauseous!
Why is my dog clingy when I'm on my period

Are Dogs More Protective When You’re On Your Period?

Dogs are often smart, alert, and are naturally protective companions and will do whatever they can to protect their owners but this desire can be augmented if they’re on their period! It could include barking at strangers or putting themselves between you and any potential danger (even if it means getting hurt).

A dog’s ability to smell extends beyond detecting threats and illnesses; they can also notice emotions through hormones and pheromones released from our bodies during menstruation.

They know when their owner is not feeling well or sick during periods, so they’re more protective and stay closer to them. Hence, dogs were more likely to jump in and protect their owners if they were experiencing hormonal fluctuations due to menstruation.

It is also possible that your dog can sense the scent of sanitary products, such as tampons or pads. It could trigger them to act differently around women having their period.

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Why Does My Dog Cuddle Me When I’m On My Period?

During human menstruation, dogs don’t know what’s happening, but they know something has changed by the way we smell. When you’re on your period, it’s likely that your dog senses your odor or emotions and needs extra love and attention.

There are three reasons why your dog might cuddle you more often during your period:

  1. Dogs can sense that you’re experiencing menstrual pain and may want to offer you relief.
  2. Dogs are attracted to the smell of blood, thus acting more cuddly than usual.
  3. Feeling hormonal is common in menstruating women and your pooch may seek to lay into your arms to comfort you in this tough time.

So next time your pup wants to snuggle with you more than usual. Ensure you give your furry companions all the love and attention they deserve!

Clingy dog

Final Thoughts

Dogs are pack animals, so they love being around other pack members. They are also attuned to their owners’ moods and emotions, so they want to be there by their side.

Most times, dogs are able to identify when their owners have a period simply by recognizing the scent of blood from a woman’s body. Your dog may be responding to this change in your body chemistry to provide comfort and security for you.

Ultimately, it’s important to always reciprocate your dog’s love and affection when he comes all up to cuddle you at your time of the month. In return, you’ll surely be rewarded with a happy and thankful pooch.

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